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Learn How to Hear God –
A Journey through the Book of Acts

Learn How to Hear God – A Journey through the Book of Acts – This is the first workbook released as a tandem resource for God Speaks Bible. The book of Acts is the birth of the New Testament Church. This book reveals all the ways that God speaks throughout the book of Acts. It is exciting to see God speaking to his people through Angels, signs, wonders, miracles, the Holy Spirit, Prophets, Men who preached the Word and many other ways. 


This is an Excellent Book and Workbook. I actually found that in this journey; God spoke to me quite differently. It allowed a higher and more refreshing Spiritual Focus. I really like it. – Lanie Davvy

Great book. It explains how you can hear God talk to you personally and how he talks to all of us through the Scriptures. Contains daily lessons where you see God talking in the book of Acts. Then it gives you a chance to try listening to God and encourages you to write down what you think He’s saying to you, with no judgments or second-guessing yourself. You begin to see Him and the way he talks to you. I am working on the book myself, and I’ve sent a copy of it to a Christian man who is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s bringing him strength as he learns to trust God during this time. I recommend the book to all Christians and everyone who was to know God. – Kim Baker