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Our Core Values

LOVE:  Everything we do must be grounded in and founded on the character of God Himself, that is rooted in love. 

BIBLICAL TRUTH:  Scripture is the foundation of all of our beliefs and practices in ministry.

JESUS CHRIST:  Our model for ministry is Jesus and his disciples and apostles. The three primary facets of his model are: healing the sick, casting out evil spirits and preaching the good news of the Kingdom.

DISCIPLESHIP: Our primary objective is to train others up to walk in availabledom, power, authority, and the three main facets which we call discipleship as Jesus did with His disciples.

HEALING:  As disciples, we are called by God to minister healing to every form of sickness and infirmity and equip others to do so.

ABUNDANT LIFE:    Christ came to bring us abundant life, and it is God’s will for all men to experience the abundant life. Our call is to lead people into that.

DISCOVERY:  As disciples, we are always to be learning, growing, and expanding in our understanding of the primary aspects of Jesus’ model of discipleship.

HOPE/FAITH: Faith and hope are foundational to healing and wholeness in everyone’s life. The basis of our faith and hope is God–His character and His Word.