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Saved Healed Delivered

It’s time for a breakthrough. We can Help

Healing House is your first step to healing freedom

What to Expect from a Healing House Session

Healing House Prayer Session are NOT counseling appointments. They are a gentle, yet powerful, tool for inner healing and deliverance.

Goal: Uncover and address root issues that hinder your personal growth and relationship with God & others.

How it works

There will be 1-3 Prayer ministers in the room who are praying for you and guiding you through a process of connecting with God. Sessions are for 1-2 hours. As the Holy Spirit leads, you’ll be invited to ask Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit questions about:
1) Lies you’re believing
2) Wounds that need healing
3) People to forgive
4) Unhealthy relational and/or generational ties
5) Sins to renounce
6.) Marriage Counseling
For more info please email [email protected] and fill out our form.

Intensive Ministry – These ministry sessions include 2-5 consecutive days of ministry It is like getting 1 to two months of ministry in a condensed period of time.

Broken Soul Ministry – Broken Soul/Broken Heart Definition: A Broken Soul occurs whenever a trauma is too great for a person to handle, usually during childhood. For more information on broken soul Click Here

Extended Ministry – Now that Freedom Park has begun, we are able to offer, for the first time, extended periods of ministry. So much ministry happens in and through life in a community of believers. We only offer this to a very limited capacity at this time due to our limited capacity. We do pland expand our capacity to respond.

You don't have to suffer anymore