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President & CEO

Richard Mull is the President and CEO of Operation Light Force and the author of The 40- Day Revolution, The Jesus Training Manual, Lord Heal Me, and many more books, and resources. He developed the God Speaks Bible & a companion workbook and Video set. Richard has served in ministry for 30 years. He received his BA from Columbia Bible College, his Master of Divinity from Columbia International University, and a PhD. from Tabernacle Bible Institute. Richard has served the Lord as Director of Student Ministries, Worship Leader, and Small Groups Pastor in numerous churches. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands in over 30 countries and most of the United States. 

Richard is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ, modeling his life and ministry after that of Jesus’ ministry, he carries an anointing for the Father’s Love, healing, as well as prayer and worship. God has uniquely prepared Richard Mull to provide direction for Operation Light Force. He is passionate about the newest initiative of OLF a home for “Overcomers” of Human Trafficking, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and other forms of complex trauma. His newest book, Restoring Joy tells eight amazing testimonies of people God has healed through the ministry of OLF that was Overcomers of these forms of trauma. His testimony, work, and ministry have been featured on 700 Club, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural,” Sky Angel, JCTV, CTN, TBN, and more. Richard has a lovely wife, Dawn, and four lovely children; Andrew, Philip, Rachel, and Nathanael. He’s also a proud grandfather of two amazing grandsons. 

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