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Our Team

Richard Mull is the President and CEO of Operation Light Force and the author of The 40-Day Revolution, The Jesus Training Manual, Lord Heal Me, and many more books, and resources. He developed the God Speaks Bible & a companion workbook and a video set. Richard has served in ministry for 30 years. He received his BA from Columbia Bible College, Master of Divinity from Columbia International University, and a PhD. from Tabernacle Bible Institute. Richard has served the Lord as director of student ministries, worship leader, and small group pastor in numerous churches. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands in over 30 countries and most of the United States. 

Richard is passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ, modeling his life and ministry after that of Jesus’ ministry, he carries an anointing for the Father’s Love, and healing, as well as prayer and worship. God has uniquely prepared Richard Mull to provide direction for Operation Light Force. He is passionate about OLF’s newest initiative, a home for “Overcomers” of human trafficking, satanic ritual abuse, and other forms of complex trauma. His newest book, Restoring Joy tells eight amazing testimonies of people God has healed through the ministry of OLF that was overcomers of these forms of trauma. 

His testimony, work, and ministry have been featured on 700 Club, Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural,” Sky Angel, JCTV, CTN, TBN, and more. Richard has a lovely wife, Dawn, and four lovely children; Andrew, Philip, Rachel, and Nathanael. He’s also a proud grandfather of some amazing and beautiful little boys. 

Contact Richard [email protected] 

Dawn Leonard | Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Leonard AKA Coco is a mom to five amazing adults and Grandmommy to four grandsons. She has served in various capacities at OLF as prayer minister, appointment setter, event coordinator, and executive assistant. Currently, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Whether she’s praying with someone, cleaning a toilet, organizing an event, or handling administration, she is thankful that God has called her to serve His people in this organization at such a time as this! 

Coco is a board-certified Behavior Analyst. She holds a master’s in Exceptional Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of West Florida. She received her BS in Human Services with a minor in Biblical Studies from Southeastern University. She has a variety of career experiences as a behavior therapist, early education teacher, middle and high school teacher, and homeschool mom. She also worked in retail sales and management and was the founder and president of three educational community organizations. Coco has a variety of ministry experiences including serving as a mentor to women who have experienced trauma and other wounds, home group pastor, and as a children’s pastor. 

Coco is passionate about discipleship and the need for community. She believes that the love of Father God is essential for true healing. She gets excited when she sees people encounter Jesus and find freedom and healing. She absolutely loves studying the Bible and sharing with others what God is speaking to her. Recently she authored her first book titled, “Overcoming Fear”. Coco began her relationship at OLF as a recipient of ministry and her desire is that others will experience the healing, freedom, and life change that she has experienced here! 

Contact Dawn – [email protected]

Andrew Mull | Vice President

Andrew is the son of Richard & Dawn Mull and has grown up being involved in Operation Light Force. Andrew joined the team officially in 2013 and has helped modernize and digitalize OLF. He is actively involved in ministry, teaching, management, youth and internship program, and many other facets. Andrew is married to the beautiful Sasha Mull and has two amazing sons– Asher and Levi.

Contact Andrew [email protected]

Matt Kindle | Director, Prayer Ministry

Lilibeth Kindle | Prayer Ministry and Marketing Staff

A few years ago, God began calling Matt and Lilibeth Kindle to become full-time missionaries. After some persuasion and confirmation by the Holy Spirit to go into missionary aviation, They wholeheartedly responded to the call. They packed up a few things into their RV and drove to northern Florida in the summer of 2017. There, Matt enrolled at The College of Missionary Aviation. On June 27, 2020, Matt graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Missions with an emphasis in Aviation. This included the completion of his commercial pilot’s license. 

God has continued to equip Matt and Lilibeth with the skills and knowledge in the mission field. While Matt was building time and skill as a missionary pilot, God continued to bring people into their path who needed healing and restoration in their lives, relationships, and intimacy with Jesus Christ. Through Matt’s years of experience in ministering to hundreds of people in the areas of inner healing and deliverance, they have been privileged to witness the power of Jesus as He restores His people’s lives right in front of them. “Many of them were freed from years of torment and fears. Jesus heals them spiritually, emotionally, and often physically.” 

Recently, God has been calling and equipping Matt, to go deeper into this aspect of their ministry in inner healing and deliverance. They have been gaining both the knowledge and resources to minister to people who have experienced chronic trauma. They have partnered with Operation Light Force for this special ministry. 

Contact Matt [email protected]

Contact Lilibeth [email protected] 

Sharon Mott | Director of Development

Sharon has been involved with various non profits for several decades. She has supported everything from administrative needs to leading women’s ministry and prison chaplaincy. She chose to get involved with prison ministry because she found it a very real experience and God moved in a unique way in that environment. The same desire for a very real experience with God is what brought her to Operation Light Force.  

Sharon has been amazed at her own growth since becoming involved with Operation Light Force. Using the principles that Jesus provided, she can point to changes in her life. Changes that had not taken place in decades are now evident! She wants to be free and fulfill everything God has for her. She has that same desire for everyone-Freedom!  

Sharon self published My Value My Worth-Finding Myself on the Way to Weight Loss. This book chronicles various aspects of her weight loss journey. She also recently earned a General Studies Degree with an emphasis in Business.   

Outside of the nonprofit world one of her favorite places is the beach. She loves the crash of the waves and the fragrance of the sea air.   

She is wife of a blue eyed mighty man of God, Mom of two adult daughters, a wonderful son-in-law and Nana Sharon to 2 adorable grandchildren. 

Julie James | Executive Director, Freedom Park

Steve James | Marketing Director

Steve and Julie James have served more than 15 years overseas as missionaries. Their last stint was serving in South Africa from August 2014 until recently when Covid restrictions kept them from returning after a recent trip back to the US. Previously they served in multiple cities in Europe for 8 1/2 years. Early in their marriage, they served in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, and in 2005, they joined the International Mission Board serving for seven years in Prague, Czech Republic, and Vienna, Austria. In 2012 they resigned from the comfort of a salaried position with their missions organization and felt led to step out on faith and return to the states with nothing but a promise from the Lord that He would reveal His plan and take care of them. Shortly after returning, Steve was offered an opportunity to work for Liberty University while the Lord did a work in both of their lives. Steve and Julie were both on a similar journey during those two years and felt empowered to head to South Africa after their pastor approached them about starting a ministry there to help orphans, utilizing the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit in a whole new way. This led to the establishment of Merryfield Village, a non-profit to help orphaned and vulnerable children, as well as those in need in the community. 

It was a year of transition in 2021 because of the ramifications of Covid. Steve and Julie were diligently praying for an opportunity to serve in the US. Even though it’s been a challenge, they have continued to help the less fortunate through their non-profit in South Africa from afar. They dedicated the month of August to consecrated prayer and asked the Lord for a breakthrough. On August 31, Richard called Steve and said the Lord was continuing to bring them to his mind. He shared a need for help with Freedom Park and asked us to consider coming to be directors. They felt this was the beginning of the answer to their prayers and an answer for OLF’s need for a director. After seeking the Lord and other confirmations, they decided to accept the offer to go and be a part of the wonderful work the Lord is doing with and through OLF. 

They are excited to use their gifts of communications, media, administration, leadership, and their past experiences in rescuing those in need to help Freedom Park minister to those coming out of human trafficking and abusive situations. Their prayer is to be used in such a way as to see Heaven invading earth and touching as many people’s lives as possible with the love of the Gospel. 

Contact Julie [email protected]

Contact Steve [email protected]