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Restoring Joy


Restoring Joy is a list of short stories of God’s miraculous healing and restoring power.

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Restoring Joy is the real life short stories about seven survivors who endured significant prolonged trauma and have experienced significant healing. Joy is the name we’ve given one of those survivors. Her story would break your heart. Trauma had seriously damaged the soul and greatly impacted the lives of each of these survivors. These people needed the God who heals the brokenhearted. The suffering described in Restoring Joy includes horrific abuses, satanic rituals, human trafficking, and mind-control programming. God brings healing to the devastating effects from these traumas and from the effects of many other abuses that you would not even want to imagine. I hope this book will open people’s eyes. I pray it will elicit empathy and prayer. I pray that it will be used to call some to serve. I pray that all the Joy’s out there who need healing will find hope through these short stories.


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